CACC Student of the Year

  • Student of the Year Cara Anderson
  • Student of the Year Finalists
  • Student of the Year David Disler
  • Student of the Year Kylie McKinney
  • Student of the Year Sadie Slightom

EMS Student Cara Anderson wins CACC Student of the Year

Each year, a student who has completed at least one year of a program, has been chosen as the Program Student of the Year, and has been a Student of the Month nominee, is selected for recognition as the outstanding student at the Center. The selection is based upon grade average, attendance, instructor recommendation, and personal interviews. Program student of the year winners receive a gift card and a plaque. Four finalists are chosen from the Program Student of the Years. The individual who is selected as CACC Student of the Year receives a gift card, an individual plaque and the student’s name is entered on a permanent plaque, which hangs in the commons area at CACC.

This year's four finalists were EMS: Cara Anderson, Cisco Networking Academy: David Disler, Photography: Kylie McKinney, Culinary Arts: Sadie Slightom.